Hayward, after the Flowage

Day 2 in Hayward Wisconsin begins with a stop at Hayward Bakery & Cheese Shop, the local bakery where they still bake doughnuts every morning from scratch! It’s rare to find a freshly baked doughnut made with real ingredients so I must indulge.

Live-the-swanky-life-wht-swanky-stuff-and-Dakota-cigarsWe munch down our treats then wander through downtown, window shopping the local merchants including Dakota Cigars and Swanky Stuff. (Swanky Stuff — gotta get me some of dat!)

A few hours later we’re standing at the door of the Moccasin Bar…and Wildlife Museum. We step inside and are instantly captivated by fine specimens of cougar, lynx, bobcat, and bear in their taxidermal states. We stroll to the bar and order beers — $2 beers. Yes, we already like this place.

Like 3 periscopes we twirl in our seats, eyeing all the taxidermy exhibits around us. Birds, ducks, geese, pheasant, otters, beavers, badgers, more small furry animals than I can name or remember, trophy-sized muskie, and pike, walleye, bass, and sturgeon.

Most intriguing were the dioramas of chipmunks and other small critters depicting, well, as far as I could tell, the life of Wisconsin hunters, fishermen and trappers.

I leave you with these to decipher on your own.  You MUST click here!



Author: Alexis Hartz

Finding my way through starting over, reinvention and becoming brave. Learn more about me at www.AlexisHartz.com.

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